Galway County Council and the OPW are progressing a flood relief scheme for South Galway (Gort Lowlands) area and the required studies for adjacent upstream and downstream areas.

The intensity and duration of rainfall experienced in the six flood events of the last twenty years cannot be routed through the network of existing subterranean conduits to Galway Bay. The resultant uncontrolled overflow of the network is a cause of extreme annual concern to the residents and farming communities in the area. Many households and businesses were flooded in the most recent event and further households were at serious risk of flooding with many households reliant on sandbags and an enormous community effort to prevent flooding. In some cases these efforts extended to weeks.

This project involves the assessment and development of a flood relief scheme (a ’Scheme’) and other measures to manage the existing flood risk in Gort Lowlands, and also the potential for significant increases in this risk due to climate change, ongoing development and other pressures that may arise in the future.

The Construction phase of the project will be divided into two separate contracts. The flood relief works on the river/stream/flood channels are to be managed and undertaken directly by the Office of Public Works and flood relief works on the bridges/culverts structures are to be managed by the Engineering Consultant and undertaken by a Civil Engineering Contractor. It is envisaged that, subject to the outcome of the Confirmation Process, construction works would commence in July 2022.