Two non-statutory engagements took place at Gort Fire Station on 9 November 2018 and 11 November 2019 respectively.

For each of the non-statutory stakeholder engagements, Galway County Council wished to update groups which it feels will be effected most by the preliminary scheme proposals.

The parties invited to attend the engagements were chosen on the basis that they represent a broad spectrum of the local community interests (persons affected by flooding, land owners potentially impacted by proposed works and groups possibly effected by changes in water flow regime into Galway Bay/Kinvara Bay). It is hoped that information shared with the representative groups would be shared amongst the wider community.

For each of the engagements, Galway County Council has issued invitations to:

  • The Councillors of the Loughrea Municipal District
  • Committee Members of the South Galway Flood Relief Committee (via their Chairperson)
  • Cuan Beo (via their Chairperson)
  • Irish Farmers Association (western branch)

The engagement meetings are supplementary to the statutory information days that are required for the implementation of the project. The meetings in no way reduce the requirement or intention to engage fully with members of the public as the project progresses.